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Sometimes people can find the whole area of licensing and copyright very confusing. In simple terms
Copyright is about who owns the images.
Licensing is about who has the right to reproduce the images.

Traditional licensing
This can be both Non-exclusive or Exclusive and means that the image is licensed for a specific purpose or use.
Sometimes referred to as 'Royalty Free' and 'Rights Managed'

The buyer pays a license fee for the use of the image. Be aware that another buyer can also purchase and use the same image however,
hence 'Non-Exclusive' The buyer must specify, each time: intended use, media, territory and duration.
Pricing is based on intended use, media, duration and territory.

Exclusive (Rights Managed)
The buyer pays a license fee each time they use the image.
The buyer obtains exclusive use of an image under the terms of the license: these terms may affect the use, media, territory and/or duration in which the image can by used by other buyers.
Rights protection can be an advantage for high-profile projects such as ad campaigns and promotions.
Pricing for this type of license varies and very much depends on the terms for the image use being requested.
If 'exclusivity' is required then you should typically expect to pay between 25-40% more to guarantee an exclusive license against the image / images for the period agreed, normally 6 months.

*Please note that where an image is already under 'exclusive' license the completion date of this license will be notified.

Please contact Pictorialism with the image (s) details including site reference number and include details of your requirements, we will then contact you with the availability and price.

Royalty Free licensing
This is the simplest form of licensing and the price is driven by the actual image file size to be provided.
*Please note that not all Pictorialism Images are Royalty Free.
As a customer you will pay a one-off fee. You are not required to pay royalties to Pictorialism on the use-by-use basis.
Be aware however this type of license is NOT exclusive and you will not know who else is using the image.

Typical Royalty Free Image Rates
  • SMALL 1Mb 72dpi Typically 4"x6" (Adobe 1998/ CYMK/RGB) £120
  • MEDIUM 10Mb 300dpi Typically 5"x7" (Adobe 1998/ CYMK/RGB) £250
  • LARGE 28Mb 300dpi Typically 9"x12" (Adobe 1998/ CYMK/RGB) £340
  • SUPER 48Mb 300dpi Typically 11"x17" (Adobe 1998/ CYMK/RGB) £480

*Please note that image file sizes (Mb) are nominal.

Model and Property Release
Please note that you will be required to state intended use and under what format regardless of license as some images may require a 'release' to be presented. A model release or property release is a written agreement between the model or property owner and the photographer where the model or property owner has granted the photographer permission to use the photographs commercially. Releases generally permit the use of the image or images for all purposes.
However there are exceptions where the use could be deemed controversial, sensitive or defamatory. However it is your responsibility to decide if a model and/or a property release is necessary for the intended image use.
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